Friday, November 5, 2010

Weekend 35 of 52.

Myeongdong, Street Food, Makgeolli, Konkuk University

Nearly a week ago, we revisited Myeongdong to do some seasonal bolstering of our wardrobes. I infamously packed only two pairs of pants to move to a place without sizes because small fits all, but Myeongdong has some Western shops and some size variety. Also, we'd heard tell of some fancy heat-retaining shirts and tights. So that Dan wasn't completely bored all day, he tried out some new street food, including a giant cream puff, a giant ice cream cone, and a Korean hot pocket. Then we went over near Konkuk University for the first of Korrine's birthday celebrations, at which we drank makgeolli, traditional Korean rice wine, mixed with Chilsung Cider, traditional Korean 7 UP.

Building buildings.

Changing leaves on a mid-street tree.

Korea seems to love a good flash mob, and it's never hard to generate a crowd in Seoul. This particular mob promoted breast cancer awareness.

Two separate designated photo zones in one department store.

It gets pretty busy in Myeongdong.

Big size ice cream corn for a big size ice cream eater.

The odd quiet alley.

Sometimes I like to rounge around.

From an outdoor coffee porch on the fourth floor.

The hot pocket and the perfect hot pocket face. Dan got pizza filled, but they also had japchae (noodles) filled.

The subway has been consistently packed full lately.

From the subway platform looking down. A stroll among bikes, a barbecue dinner, and a fruit stand.

Lotte Department store with its flashing lights.

Two gifs to prove it so.

The streets around Konkuk University.

An unorthodox traffic jam at a crosswalk.

This is the makgeolli. Served in a pot with a wooden ladle.

Korrine's coffee cake.

Blowing out the candles.

A bar's reminder of our country's holiday. We always forget to celebrate things here. It's amazing what hype does for holidays. But we are hyping Thanksgiving for ourselves and taking advantage of the local US Military Base and their turkey dinner deal, so that's exciting.

We ended the night at our market. You know, just stocking up on hoofs.


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