Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Weekend 37 of 52.

Seoul Lantern Festival, Tapgol Park, Dongdaemun, Bangsan Baking Market

Before I bounce Dan's post down, I want to direct your attention to it. Living in South Korea has given us an unanticipated ache for the people of North Korea. We aren't sure how best to promote justice there, but we feel like the movie "North" is a step in the right direction. They need funding. You can donate as much or little as you like. They have 45 days to reach their goal of $6500, not a large amount for a movie, not a small amount for independent movie makers. You can donate by clicking here.

Now, on with frivolity. It seems like we end up in Dongdaemun every other weekend, right? But I have chocolate and knitting needs that only the Dongdaemun markets can satisfy. We made sure to supplement that activity with a trip to Tapgol Park, home of the Wongaksa Pagoda. The pagoda is 500 years old, 10 stories high, hewn of marble, and is considered one of Korea's national treasures.

On our way to the park, we decided to revisit the Seoul Lantern Festival in the daytime so we could actually get near some of the lanterns.

Cold days make fog.

Always with the stacked buildings.

A soldier filming his friend.

Jocund percussionist.

These are some G20 lanterns. One for each country involved.

America means cowboys. I would like here to wonder aloud at our lack of national dress. I want hanbok or kimonos or anything. How come we don't wear pilgrim outfits at special events and weddings?

Christmas tree booty.

Under a bridge over the stream.

Dan had a task keeping up that leaning tower. Now we don't have to go to Pisa!

Chinese lanterns.

Hands on lanterns from Japan.

Sometimes they put cabbage in public flower pots. That's weird.

Traveling salesman.

Tapgol Park view coming and going.

Wongaksa Pagoda.

Such red leaves.

Dan waiting by a street lamp as I set up the camera for a little photo shoot for our band. You can see those photos here.

This is the Monument of Wongaksa that essentially exists only to commemorate the pagoda. A marble pillar atop a granite turtle.

More leaves on roof tiles.

Seoul Cinema, since 1978.

We found a pile of giant leaves in the street.

Bigger than everyone's heads!

Old and new construction in Dongdaemun.

A notice on one of the shops.

The length of Cheonggeycheon boasts varied installations. At one end, the Lantern Festival, then a street sign sculpture, and later a fountain.

Resting after a long day's walk.

We hit up the new Maxtyle mall. Pretty sparse. No, but there really are shops there, just not on every floor yet.

Doota mall with decorations. And we think these are stadium lights from the old Dongdaemun Stadium.

Having nothing to do with anything, I made these tortillas today, and I was very proud of them.

You should make them. They are fluffy and tasty and easy to do and then you, too, will feel so proud. Recipe here.

Stamps on our stove hood.

And here are my new Norwegian shoes. An homage to graph paper.


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