Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Weekend 40 of 52.

Haneul Park, Nanjido, Christmas Decorating

Last week we conquered a mountain. This week, we conquered a trash heap. Haneul Park (also Sky Park) is part of the World Cup Park complex and is built on what was once a landfill. Dan's students promised that he would find trash if he dug in the ground. We didn't dig, though, and I think the only trash we did see was relatively new. We climbed a zigzagging staircase and further up an incline to get to a sea of tall waves of grass and one of my favorite views yet of the city. We had a really pleasant walk around the park, and we even got to see some fireworks at the end of a game played in World Cup Stadium.

A Christmas tree in World Cup Stadium station. We're collecting them.

A hidden waterfall and some camouflage berries.

These trees and other flower pots were wrapped in straw for Christmas.

We posed with the pinwheels.

The staircase.

With its 291 stairs.

Cold winter sky.

World Cup Stadium.

Across the sea.

Mike and Ikes grow on trees! Dan never lets me eat any berries I find. I bet he would if we found Zours.

We saw several uprooted trees. They were huge. That seems dangerous.

I always get embarrassed.

We decided that most pictures of things in Korea should be puzzles. You solve that!

We were careful.


We did some cotton picking. For real, I took that home with me.

The sun and the sky in Sky Park.

Because this wouldn't be a Korean destination without a designated photo zone.

How Midwestern.

In case you were wondering, yes, I did rub that on my face, and it was very soft.

A plane following the cloud's trajectory.

Some sort of tower.

I like this collection of mini trees.

This looks like an undead daisy.

A view from the edge. We can't get over how varied this city is.

This is Dan standing in the bowl he was walking to above. We speculate that the bowl exists chiefly to promote the purchase of these little love locks. Korea is beating you at capitalism.

Very cool.

We decorated for Christmas with our limited space and means.

I made some snowflakes, tinfoil and otherwise, while Monday Skyping with my parents. (Mom, the one on the right is the one you haven't seen.) It's all in the 6-fold.

And we found some LED lights at the Home Plus in the bowels of World Cup Stadium. We thought we were buying multi-colored lights, but this is just as well. It is bright enough to knit by even with the light off.

Paper and string.

And I knit a string of lights based on a crochet pattern I found on Ravelry.

I put Dan to task ordering the colors, because I had enough scrap yarn to knit 10 reds, 6 blues, 5 pinks, and 4 greens. He is a logic puzzle solver for fun.



  1. I was looking at all the details in the picture of the designated photo zone and didn't see Dan hiding behind that heart. I literally jumped once I noticed his face.

    Those mid-western wheat field pictures are so poetic and so lovely!

    You're right...most of these photos are surprising, and not at all what you would expect from South Korea. It's fantastic.

  2. A few notes in no particular order:

    1. I also think this view of the city is the best! (Though I am sure a live perspective is a better one.)
    2. The Knitmas lights are very cool!
    3. Thank you Dan for not letting Serenity eat the berries.
    4. Serenity, you are strikingly beautiful, my friend. For real. Stunning. And the picture in the wheat field is lovely.
    5. Was it the quidditch world cup?
    6. I miss you both! I am counting down the days until you are here!!!!!

    That's all.

  3. (sigh) You put my snowflakes to shame. Very pretty! :)

  4. No way! Yours were fantastic. And for all of my good ones, I stole the pattern from papersnowflakes.com.