Monday, September 27, 2010

Weekend 30 of 52.

Ewha, Charlie Brown Cafe

Has there ever been a lazier week in Asia? Dan and I left the house almost exclusively to eat. It was Chuseok (Korean Thanksgiving), and we had every day off but Monday. Korrine went to Taiwan. Other people went to various Korean islands. We slept past breakfast every morning, did a puzzle at a Starbucks, and met three friends for three dinners. It was too wonderful.

Our first dinner was Tuesday night in Gangnam for some Asian Fusion with Nikki, with whom we hope to attend a Korean performance of Grease. I can't wait to learn what hickeys from Korean Kenickies are like (like Hallmark cards when Kenickie's an American). Thursday night we went out for chicken and 24 hour pastries with Shin (from Cafe Soul Underground) and his American friend Paula. Our third dinner was last night in Gwacheon (outside of Seoul, so there!) where we had home-cooked Jjim Dalk/찜닭 (spicy soy sauce chicken) at the behest of our new friend Il Kwon and by the hand of his lovely wife So Yeong, who also prepared Bimbimbap and a variety of Chuseok fruits. Il Kwon even made us espresso drinks, providing me with one of my best Americanos in Korea.

Today we ventured out to see the area around Ewha Womans University [sic]. We drank sad sack coffee at the Charlie Brown Cafe. And then we welcomed Korrine back at our favorite local barbecue restaurant (because everyone has one of those).

On our way Saturday to a lunch and lecture sponsored by Justice for North Korea, we saw some rappelling window washers.

An ad for the S-More Car, which is my kind of car, okay.

Our first taste of Ewha was the escavator (elevator on an escalator track).

This looks like an eye.

Since Ewha is for women, everything is much cuter than in real life.

Jagged line in the sky.

A giant pink pump that Dan refused to pose with. But, why, Dan?

I met Charlie Brown. We were such pals when I was a girl. I think he'd been waiting for me.

It was a sweet little cafe, though I think it's a stretch to attribute ladylikeness to that Lucy van Pelt. A dog's whole life is ridiculous!

A Peanuts smoking room would spark litigious debate in the States. But it looks so whimsical!

Ewha University from our third floor view.

Busy corner.

Fully loaded.

Our drinks. Charlie Brown wins your heart with his losing ways. It always rains on his parade, his baseball game, and his life.

I had a brief dalliance with Schroeder in my former years. This made Dan very jealous.

But then he visited the circus and cheered up.

Through Sally silhouettes.

Dan mocking Linus to his face! This picture proves Dan's keen sportsmanship, because directly to his right was the cafe's cashier, and I made him stand there like this for no short period of time.

Construction in Hongdae on the way home. That is a tiger with rabbit years. A tigit. A rabber.

Someone hates someone's self.

A flower Dan swears he grew up smelling in his Midwestern back yard.

Too Cool for School says the blue giraffe.

Oh, maybe you noticed we didn't go to Lotte World. We just kept justifying for ourselves reasons that we shouldn't get out of bed. Oops.


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  1. Yay!! You guys hung out with Nikki! :)

    Also, Dan, I agree. I have definitely seen (and smelled) those flowers too!