Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Weekend 26 of 52.

Rain, Dongdaemun Shopping Town, Bangsan Baking Market, Rain, Tri Nations Rugby game at Scrooge's in Itaewon, Seoul Station, Rain

It rained a lot this weekend. Before we knew it was going to rain every day, we had decided to go to Lotte World, the largest indoor amusement park, to celebrate our 26th weekend. Dan wisely discerned that maybe a lot of people would go to an indoor amusement park on a rainy summer day, so we opted for something less. I needed to make another trip to Bangsan Baking Market for powdered sugar and maybe some bran flour, and I wanted to check out Dongdaemun Shopping Town for knitting supplies, so we trudged around through the Dongdaemun markets. We were armed with little more than flip flops and umbrellas, but we managed. And I still walked away with some black rice powder (no bran) and a couple packs of yarn.

That was Saturday. Right as Sunday was starting (read: 12AM), we were at Scrooge's in Itaewon, getting ready to watch South Africa best Australia in a Tri Nations rugby match. After we'd slept it off, we went to Seoul Station to admit freely into the Seoul Museum of Art, which is free every fourth Sunday. Unfortunately, it was August's fifth Sunday. Instead of consuming art with our minds, we consumed some Bennigan's with our mouths and bellies. Then we had some affogato at a cafe across the street. Then back across the street to Lotte Mart (not World, alas) to buy a perch for our TV, which has sat on top of two cardboard boxes for the last six months.

Maybe not a very exciting weekend, but a practical one at least.

Did I mention the rain? Endless sewers full.

Taegukki kept dry by awnings.


Spotted around Dongdaemun. An "Obama T" (I can't decide the taste level of such a proclamation). A cigarette disposal that doubles as a disgusting public service announcement. It's like a little plastic man filled with dip spit. I'm from Florida, so I'm familiar with dip spit.


This seemingly innocuous carnival ride was set up to entice customers into the older Cerestar Department Store (more like a mall than a Sears). If you look with keener eyes, though, you'll notice that these kids are not strapped in and are relying entirely on the strength of their arms and the surety of their grip to keep them from flying across the carriage.

Dangerous Disco.

It was not a short ride, and its dips and spins were manually controlled by a taunting Korean carnie.

But I guess it served its purpose, for then we went into the Cerestar Department Store and looked out at Dongdaemun from the seventh floor. Dan tried in vain to get us to some sort of park on the top twenty-something(th) floor. The elevators stopped at floor 17 where there was a wedding happening. We were not invited.

Someone somewhere released a fistful of balloons.

Two Seven Mart. I can't tell if they're ripping off local 7-11s or western ones. Either way, it's the only place we've seen (and purchased) Skittles so far.

Having some fun in the subway at Seoul Station's stop. Seoul is the Design Capital for 2010. Dan is human. I am blue.

This says Seoul in Korean. Dan snuck back there. He was very brave.

Pretending to golf since that looks like putting practice.

Bennigan's with its neon signs.

Rain proof.

Aforementioned affogato. If you don't know, because we've only learned since coming here, affogato is a shot of espresso poured over a shot of ice cream. The resulting double shot is what's known as "a good idea".

After the rain.

Self-timed in the cafe, to the amusement of onlookers.

Seoul Station, Seoul Square. This is from whence we've caught our several trains to Busan.

There was a sculpture with facets that made our faces melt like Fun House mirrors.

Dan with a tree. It's not real.

A church and some lifting mountain fog.

My Dongdaemun Shopping Town loot: two yarns, a crochet hook (not a toothbrush), and some buttons.

Our TV's new home, and all of our Japanese souvenirs right there on the orange cubby.


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