Thursday, September 16, 2010

Mid-Week Things.

Noraebang, Bowling

Some weekdays occasion that we should do fun group activities. Sometimes we get together with the teachers and eat chicken galbi. Other times we go to Noraebangs (singing rooms) and have Scorpions sing-alongs. Still other times we head to basement bowling alleys to alternate strikes and spares, while trying to avoid the inevitable poodles and sour apples (hey bowling, your slang is so cheesy cakes). It's fun!

It's been a couple of weeks, now, since we did karaoke. Jessica and Jeanie primed the pipes.

Esther, Luke, and Marius got into it.

Some (partially inebriated) Korean Marines (which I'm still skeptical about, given the garish embroidery and their velvety boots) came in to ask who was the best looking. Heather gave it some thought.

Dan singing about working for the weekend.

Rachel and Maya adding auxiliary percussion.

Disco ball in residence.

Korrine and Jessica also trying out the tambourines.

Then the Marines came back and delivered free drinks.

And sang about believing in flying. I think this particular Marine was the agreed-upon lookiest. I didn't vote on account of my having a husband.

Maya is a noraebang pro.

Mazza and Kozza.

I think Jessica sang in three languages that night (Korean, English, Japanese).

Screen and scoring.

I think Luke is learning lyrics for the first time. Reading lyrics to popular songs can be an unwelcome revelation.

Dan doing Weezer proud.

And then Korrine took to the mic to bust out some fat Flo Rida beats.

And last night we went bowling to celebrate Marius's birthday.

The alley was brightly lit and devoid of cigarette smoke and greasy pie shaped foods. It was kind of weird but also kind of nice.

Dan suiting up.

Why they had shoes big enough to fit him, we can never know.

Maya presiding over cell phone photo coordination.

A collage of friendship.

There was a scoring command center. It seemed very important.

Twice we split into teams. The first group of teams consisted of Team World (pictured here trying to work out which hand sign to flash), Team America, and Team Korea.

High fives for strikes, spares, and efforts. I submit that no frequenter words are uttered in a bowling alley than "It's okay".

Team World: Marius, Maya, Mr. Young, Maggie, Korrine, and Esther, who, despite her bum leg bowled one of Maggie's frames.

Rachel was on Team Korea.

Maya tried to psych out Korrine. If there is a bowling handbook (and of course there is), I'm sure it condemns this behavior.

Bowling poses. I will leave these participants unidentified to preserve their pride.

Dan, though, could never remain anonymous. He has a very specific and jarring bowling technique. If sudden loud noises frighten you, make no plans to attend (or, as Korrine told me when I told her bowling hurts my hand, "Take off your skirt and bowl!").

Around the alley: equipped with lockers for pros, mysterious boxes, and the modern Brunswick 2000.

Maggie high-fiving.

Dan glamorizing with a wind machine.

Flipped for hilarity.

Waiting for the next round to start.

Bowl Mickey.

Blocking the strong air conditioned wind from blowing out Marius's birthday candles. Maya, Jessica, Heather, Korrine, Dan, Luke. Sort of an incongruous assortment of poses.

More cell phone photos.

Candle success. Marius received two cakes for his birthday, one left by a friend on his doorstep.

Candles extinguished.

Maya sustained some moderate frosting wounds.

Teams for the second round were reassigned by way of drawing straws. Dan landed on Team Call Me.This is the official team gesture.

Robobowling gloves. They were very somber bowlers and were not amused by our antics and enthusiasm.

Then we had a group photo on the way back to the subway.

Waiting for the train.


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