Sunday, October 3, 2010

Weekend 31 of 52.

Hongdae, Dangsan, Hangang Park

I'm not going to say that the rain ruined another weekend of plans (plans involving Seoul Grand Park and being outside and not being wet). I will instead type it. That is what's known as semantics. No, but I don't hate the rain, though it does inspire taking shelter and eating popcorn for dinner and taking pictures of neither of those activities.

Sunday was dry enough for a walk along the river. And that is pretty much all we did.

We peered in at a street gallery in Hongdae on our way to dinner on Friday. A set of guns pointed at a toy army. Some of them had no heads. Too bad for them.

To Me you ARE PERFECT. Dan and I have both, at different times, read this out loud while walking in Hongdae and tricked each other into assuming it a compliment.

Shuffle on the street.

Some cropped couples walking in that alley.

Coffee nightcaps at the VeggieHolic Cafe, at which we now get free snacks on account of our having frequented the joint.

A beer parade on the way home. Giant puppets and castratoed clowns.

We had budae jjigae for lunch today, and I like to laugh at the melted water bottles at the various Korean restaurants. A lot of the Korean food is cooked at the table on a very hot surface (sometimes with flames, sometimes with blocks of burning wood). Plastic melts.

On our way to the stretch of Hangang Park that is in Dangsan. The Viewtiful Tower. View is Beautiful.

Through the tunnel to the river.


An array of apartment buildings. We pretty much live in the bottom left corner behind the skinny smokestacks.

Under the bridge.

This part of the park is not so exceptional, but it's good for a rest.

Hanging out in some flowers.

Not knowing what to do. That's why I make Dan do these things.

Windy day.

The subway bridge.

A bend in the road.

Nestled in the corner at Ediya Coffee.

Some living arrangements in Hongdae. I could go for a good balcony.

I would like this for my birthday, please. Happy birthday to me, city.

We found a Cincinnati shirt! But we didn't buy it. But Dan's hair is short now!

Look at these cute tea towels I found at our local grocery market.

And thus concludes our weekend shopping: a Taewkondo dobok for our Taekwondog.


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