Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Weekend 25 of 52.

Itaewon, Taco Bell, What the Book?, Leeum Samsung Museum of Art

For me, a weekend starts on Friday night. Most Friday nights we just go out to dinner with Korrine. It is usually pretty ordinary, so I don't bring my camera. Last Friday night, though, we decided on Cafe Rumy for our after dinner coffee. We saw what looked like a regular cafe up on the seventh floor of a building in Hongdae. We elevatored up. When we slipped off our shoes and installed them in the provided reusable plastic bags, we knew it was not a regular cafe. We were given the choice of TV room or Wii room. We chose the Wii room and then proceeded to, for W9,000 each and in a room adorned with pillows and balloons, play video games, drink bottomless soda and coffee and tea, and eat free ice cream and complimentary waffles for the next two hours. It was the best. And we got an amazing view of Hongdae from the smoker's pavilion. And I didn't have my camera, but I do have my memories.

Saturday, also with Korrine, we decided we'd wander around Itaewon, since none of us have yet given it a proper walk-through. We ate lunch at Taco Bell. We tried to find Western sized shoes. We checked out some antiques. Then we broadened our horizons at the Leeum Samsung Museum of Art. Three galleries start at ancient celadon pottery and become progressively more modern until, before you know it, you're watching video of a Korean girl hatching out of an egg.

It's been a while since I posted any Cuppa Thursday pictures. We took our coffee this Thursday at Cafe Miz Moren, specializing in Dutch stlye brewing. It's science, see?

Korrine and I got Dutch coffee, hot and iced respectively, while Dan ordered the Wild Apple Italian Soda.

This is ceiling Air Con units look like here. This is to show my parents.

Coffee tools.

Walking past this patch of drying peppers, so began our hot Saturday.

Taco Bell! I guess some people hate Taco Bell, but some people also don't like chocolate or TV. We are not those people.

Thinking outside the bun and outside the banchan bowl.

Dan's and my first Taco Bell in six months, Korrine's in years!

For dessert, a variety of mini Cadbury candies, native to Australia via the Duty Free shop.

The New World comes pre-weathered.

What the Book? is an English language book store, at which we perused such English titles as Walter the Farting Dog.

Living space.

Transparent roof.

We passed a junk truck on the way to the museum.

Korrine checked the map while Dan stood guard with a stern-faced LEGO cop.

The Leeum Samsung Museum of Art.

These are Maman sculptures by artist Louise Bourgeois (knowledge I gleaned from Emily Smith's comment on Facebook). Maman is French for mommy. The mommy spider comes with a set of marble eggs. Spider is French for scary.

We spent some time in the future.

This is the museum's vaulted cafe. We refreshed ourselves with $4 drinks to get back what the sun stole from us.

No pictures allowed in the galleries meant that everyone took pictures here in the Guggenheim-esque stairwell.

Girls twirling at the bottom.

Dan hanging out.

More pictures and picture takers.

Next weekend will mark our halfway point, weekend 26 of 52. We would plan something amazing, but while the sun is wreaking its fury, the best of our plans detail being somewhere inside.



  1. Just checking in on you! Can't believe it's been six months already, but it looks like you are both having the time of your life....literally. Love the pics & your blogs are fascinating. Hope your musical passions are doing as well.

    Not much changed here. Hope that makes you giggle with delight in making the right choice.

    I'll be peeking in from time to time. Bye! Kim Fraley

  2. Kim, thanks for commenting! We really are having the most amazing time. I could not have imagined it'd be like this, and I am definitely confident that it was the right choice.

    I hope that nothing much changing means that things are going well. I think of Calvary sometimes, but not often. Haha.

    Thanks again for checking out our blog!