Friday, August 16, 2013

More pictures today. This time of the whole family. Things are going well with the two babies, but there is definitely a breaking point built into every day, at which I become completely overwhelmed by the constant and varying demands for my attention. Thankfully, so far, recovery has been more or less immediate. Grumpiness has swapped between them, and now Joash is the one having cranky days, while Ammi just sits and stares and eats and sucks on fingers. I had forgotten how much I enjoy the company of a newborn. Such simple cuddles. A one-stop fix for most every problem. So much easier than trying to crack the ever-changing toddler code.

Some outtakes:
This time we bribed him with chips.

Somewhat awkward pose, but sweet faces.

He's still learning what it means to be nice to the baby. He always thinks he's being nice, but maybe she doesn't prefer having her face prodded or her head vigorously rubbed.

Maybe you saw this picture on Instagram.

Here was the output.

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