Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Joash is 2!!

His merciful sister agreed to let Joash have an undivided, albeit humble, birthday celebration. We blew out candles fashioned from a McDonald's straw (because we realized at the last minute that we had no candles, and nothing in Korea is open before work), and ate cake for breakfast. Then we danced to songs we knew he liked. And that there is a fine two-year old's birthday party. I just saved you all a lot of work.

I decided on a whim to make him a cake with the face of his favorite Korean cartoon on it, Tayo the Little Bus. Tayo is an insufferable bus who always does the right thing and makes lots of audible pauses while doing it. Why are characters in kid shows always audibly pausing? It kills me. I don't actually mind the beliefs espoused on Tayo, but why is his voice so dang annoying? Anyhow, this is my fondant rush job. It was pretty fun, and I thought the labor might inspire a labor of another sort. It was worth a try.

With his Papa first thing on his birthday. It is his Papa, not his Mama because one is much easier than the other to make presentable first thing in the morning.

He was equally as excited about Tayo as he was about his straw candle. We've actually been practicing blowing out straw candles in play dough cakes this week, so he was familiar with the whole ordeal.

Blowing. Next year he'll be a pro.

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