Wednesday, July 11, 2012

On the heels of the total annihilation of any semblance of sleep routine come more sleep pictures. We had a day with no naps and several nights of only 9 total, incredibly disjointed hours of sleep...for the baby. I have been averaging probably 3-6 with a sometime bonus hour if Dan is able to to play with Joash before work. It has been a merciless adventure like the Oregon trail. But I feel good about tonight. We are going to shore up our bedtime routine, permanently including baths and being vigilant about story time. Meanwhile, solids three times a day (including new things like blueberries and mushy peas, which I myself choked down gagging and groaning while he proudly gobbed them into his mouth) with enough time elapsed before bed to avoid nighttime gas (for my notoriously gassy, explodey offspring). We'll do a Dr. Sears approved pass off to Dad before bedtime, which means that Dan gets to put him in the crib with the admonition to "go to sleep, it's bedtime." And, most importantly, I got my right attitude back, and I had 16 ounces of coffee drink today. It isn't easy, but it's possible, right?

This is the hardest kind of sleeper to move, for cuteness and logistics.

Homemade sleep mask.

Some of Dan's phone pictures:

So serious about his biscuits. If he sees the McVitie's box, he squeals or shrieks, contingent upon our generosity with said biscuits.

He definitely enjoys the train more when he is unwrapped. All the better to stare and paw at people with.

He's a natural model.

And an avid crawler. I had a dream last night that he started walking. I can't even believe I experienced enough REM sleep to dream. Anyhow, I wouldn't mind a walker. He sure is sticky enough in this hot, humid summer to have steady footing. His knees and wood floors work in tandem like brand name Velcro.

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