Friday, July 27, 2012

I have to get these pictures up during the last few minutes of nap time because we are about to fly to Australia by way of Malaysia. Fun! No time for talking, just looking.

I put some decoration on a shelf in the bathroom. Joash discovered it during bath time and decided to work his way over to it. And then, oops, I took pictures of his naked little butt. And then he figured me out. Our bathing space is pretty cramped but functional enough. Dan sits on the toilet, I sit on the floor.
The first thing he did on this morning was find trash on the windowsill and start playing with it. His bottle collection is extensive. We will have plenty pins to bowl down some day.

Making a goofy face. Somehow I want to remember all his funny faces.

He took such a successful nap one day that I was emboldened to take pictures. And I found him in there hugging his Pooh pillow. I don't even put him down with his head by the pillow, so he did this himself. It's always such an accomplishment when they do something by themselves. I'll try to recall this when he's a teenager.

My favorite part of the day is successfully completing that second nap. Then there is no more stressing about sleep. At least until deep into the next morning.

We've had some great summer sunsets.

Moon rise.

Next post will either come in Australia or right after it, which means my baby will have reminisced his birth for the first time.

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