Saturday, July 7, 2012

Joash is in his last baby month, month 11, and he is set to turn one when we visit Australia (and Quinn and Korrine) next month. I would say that I can't believe it, but I have been awake for most minutes of these last 11 months, so I can actually believe it pretty well, and, as such, I don't feel like I missed much. I still can't believe that we made a human. That's still the weird part of it all.

Today he has a fever, so he is acting like he likes me lots and lots. He didn't even destroy my block towers seconds after I built them.

Anyhow, here are some cute pictures.

I was taking some pictures of knitted things. He likes to play with the lens cap, so that usually occupies him pretty well.

He also really liked throwing sweaters around.

And snatching his daddy's gloves.

He thought that part was really hilarious, and, of course, he was right.

Here's a face he likes to make.

Here he is capturing something.

I made a gif.

He likes to practice his surprised, award acceptance face. He's getting pretty good at it.

Yesterday he was in a fantastic mood and would look at me every time I asked.

I told you he likes this face.

He steals my old floss capsule out of my bedside basket. I forgot to stock up on floss when we were in America last. Floss here is so expensive, and I guess I'm the only person doing it.

He doesn't quite have the technique down.


Smiling like a grownup. 

Smiling like a kid. He is a pretty social smiler now. If I smile at him, he gets excited and smiles back, and then I get excited and smile back, and by the end of the day lots of smiling has happened.

Last night's sunset after the rain.

Napping in weird places today, on account of his illness.

He is lucky to have the turnout of a dancer.

It's hard to leave them alone when they look so cuddly, but babies are like dogs, and when you want to cuddle them, they want to jump off the couch and go chew on something instead.

He was sitting on the bed crying, turned into laying on the bed crying, turned into silent staring, turned into sleeping.

I'll take it. 

Meanwhile, people on Facebook think I'm 20 weeks pregnant again because someone randomly commented on the picture of my belly from last March. So people keep liking the photo and offering congratulations, even though I commented back that I wasn't pregnant. But because I commented on the photo, I think now it is showing up in people's feeds, and it is only compounding the problem.


  1. I was going to be really upset if you were pregnant again and didn't tell me! I can't believe Joash is so old already!!

  2. I would at least have told you on DrawSomething.