Sunday, May 27, 2012

We had a date. Our first parental date in Korea, courtesy of our friends Justin and Katrina, who all but insisted that they watch Joash for our anniversary (and of course he napped for them! Whatever Mr. Anomalous Sleeper.). I don't really know what that means, date. I see Dan most of the time. I eat meals with him usually. Our baby is young yet that we can still have necessary conversations in front of him. I guess a date means that I get to wear a dress that doesn't offer full accessibility, that there are no undergarment prerequisites, that we can go to a movie and not worry about how loud anything is (the movie or the baby). It was nice. We took two taxi rides. Pretty romantic. And when we got home, Joash cried, and I have never yet been able to experience that kind of cry, the, "hey, you came back!" cry. Of course it was super sweet.

We had the longest day out today, and I fell asleep during some of it. And now I am falling asleep some more, and it hasn't even reached my self-imposed early bedtime. I think I just got too much of a good thing like Brother and Sister Bear. Man, Berenstain Bears is like the Cosby Show in that they are actually the Bear and Huxtable families respectively. What's up, media namers?

My occasional red head.
His favorite thing to do is run over and get stuck standing here. And then scream about it. I keep trying to teach him to fall on his butt instead. Unfortunately, babies do not brainiacs make.

Post-nap hair, bottom teeth smile, and a surreptitiously pointed finger.
Babies can get away with these faces.
Always a double shot of cute with this one.
Basically he can pull up on any old thing he wants now. He pulled up on the sheer face of the bathroom cabinet.
Layabout. Actually, I forced him to lay here so I could take a picture of him.

He is not falling in this picture, but he does have trash on his feet. I thought I had conquered the Korean dusty apartment dilemma by mopping instead of sweeping, or as I like to call it, wet sweeping. Even still, one day off and the blanket of earth and skin cells returns.

I fully expect total upward mobility to make my days as crazy as possible.

What's that saying? Reach for the mountains and you'll land among the valley?

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