Monday, May 21, 2012

Joash is finally a cribbed kid. We reached our breaking point with the pulling him out of the corners of his room and the getting his fingers stuck under the door. And just when we needed a crib, a fairly priced one appeared on Craigslist, and I spammed the guy until he sold it to us. So that's been our last couple of days. Joash is very interested in his new furniture. He even sat it in and played for half the time it took me to do the earth's most hateful chore, the dishes. Oh, but how I do hate to do the dishes. He also likes playing in his room now because of the crib and because of the yarn wall we installed. He likes to pluck the yarn strands like a many stringed and soundless guitar. It's cute and other baby adjectives.

He has been hard teething for three weeks, now, and I think his teeth might be made out of molasses. Not because they are rotty but because they are so slow. I think today was the day, though, and can we get back to that jolly kid that everyone thinks he is all the time? Not that I require jolliness from him, but it is nice to see him have a happy afternoon every now and then. A sad baby is such a pitiful one.

Another thing I did recently was steam cook some cinnamon buns. We have no oven for a while, but who is raising an infant without regular dessert eating? So the internet told me how to steam some tasty treats. Luckily I just so happen to have a giant pot with a steam tray. Steamed cinnamon buns are just as good as baked ones because all you need for a cinnamon bun to be good is for it to have a center. Yum. Is there really no way to engineer stand-alone cinnamon bun centers?

Watching some kids play basketball. Really we just watch them fail to make baskets. There is some seriously terrible basketball playing happening in our backyard.

There are no things better than this. Maybe some things as good as this, but no things better.

A bath inside the rubber ducky, a real chicken/egg type situation.
Laundry helper. He is very interested in the entire process of laundry. I aim to exploit this as soon as possible. I only let him play with the fan as long as it took me to get a picture in focus. Don't worry, I know all about fan death.

Reading one of the two Bibles Joash received in America. This is the Fuzzy International Version.

Every kid needs the standing-in-the-crib picture. How long do babies even use cribs?

Our only blunder so far came courtesy of that trap-door in the middle of the crib. For whatever reason, there's a little door with a magnet-closure that a baby might could kick open and slide out of between 12 and 1 in the morning. Of course, he couldn't slide all the way out, so he was very confused by the half standing/half laying posture that left him in. We turned the crib around after that.

We took a walk to a Lotte Mart that we gave up finding, but there were so many Gingko trees on the way. I like the cloven Gingko leaf the best of all the leaves.
Budding crown.
Kangaroo Daddy.

The eyes of a master nap-evader.

Street cats.
We meandered through Anyang's central park. There were lots of fountains and families.

Also, Anyang's A+ logo.
Joash stays cool one foot at a time, never more than one foot at a time. That seems pretty cool to me. Plus, look at his belly.

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