Monday, May 7, 2012

Don't laugh, but, for some reason, I'm just learning that parenting is sort of supposed to be always hard. I'm sure that's obvious to everyone else, but I've been over here thinking that things would level out and get easy somehow. Still, I think realizing it, late as I did, is going to make some things easier for me. Things like this 9 month sleep regression and the occasional all-day fuss.

Joash continues to grow up. He is a fast, little belly crawler now, and he collects on it all the dust in the world (except the ton still miraculously left in every corner of this apartment). I think he is close to top teeth and close to standing on his own.

In other news, sometimes Dan doesn't even turn on the air conditioning, and I get confused about that.

Bonnie crocheted him this blanket that catches his toes in the cutest way.

Don't be fooled by this fine array, he barely even likes playing with toys. He would much rather belly-run over to the shoes or find parts of the floor to suck on.

Ha ha, sleepy face.

Is he pinching (and missing) his nose/mouth/face? He does the most wonderfully odd things.

These are things we see out our window. People are always drying their linens off their balconies, affixed with the giantest clamps you've ever seen. They look like cheerful, plastic vise grips. Also, this tractor dug up dirt for weeks while kids still kept playing in the playground. Now the tractor is gone for good, and we can't figure out at all what it did those many days.

Joonsoo came over!

And the boys learned to share, however briefly and rehearsed.

I love that the things babies do with their too-short arms would be completely ridiculous with adult-sized arms. Wake-up lounging is maybe my favorite part of the day. I just wish it would come later than 6:30.

Pulling up on his box of toys.

Wrinkly baby bath feet. I think I am squeezing him too hard in the second picture! Oops. At least this is proof that he loves bath time, and we don't even have fancy toys for him. Mostly I've collected unused plastic kitchen items and put them in a colander for him. He just likes dumping water in his mouth anyway.

He tried some cooked spaghetti. It landed on and cemented to his face.

Pulling up on his dad's leg.

Helping me sweep.

Getting grumpy about it. Me too, dude. Successfully sweeping up Korean dust is such an impossible task.

He's basically a grandpa already.

Our mountain. Some days are so filled with fog that our mountain view is completely obstructed, but most of the time our mountain hangs out being awesome all day.

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