Thursday, September 15, 2011

Joah Learns to Smile and Makes a Friend

But he doesn't learn to sleep apparently. He got his Hepatitis B vaccination yesterday, and he has had such a rough day today. He forgot how to eat, how to sleep in his bed, how to poop in his diaper and not on my lap. But I trust he'll relearn quickly. I just have to figure out a way to trick him down long enough for a shower.

But at least he learned how to smile.

No shortage of wiggles from this kid.

His Grandma Jean sent him some pajamas, and I couldn't believe they almost fit! He's growing up, this kid. He's even about 9.5 pounds by now.

He made his first friend on Tuesday, a nameless Korean boy three weeks his junior. He is the son of our friend and Dan's co-worker, Sophia. Koreans get a month to name their babies. [EDIT: They named him Joonsoo]

Dads and moms and babes. And then hungry Joash started to cry and wake up the baby, so we went home. Troublemaker.


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