Saturday, September 10, 2011

In Between Sleeps

Sometimes Joash is awake. Usually he's not. Here are some pictures of both of those occasions.

Awake and checking out the mobile I knit him.

Asleep on our pillows while his bed was in the wash. It doesn't have removable sheets. That complicates things.

On his way to sleep. These are the faces he makes after a good feed. That's how I feel after a buffet too, kid.

Awake and playing on the bed. His arms are his favorite toy.

He is starting to look a little meatier. It's nice to feel like my endless hours of effort in this department have been paying off. Doesn't it kind of look like I've laid him on a road map? The computer cords look mappy to me.

Looking out the window.

Again with the hands.

The same in motion. Expelliarmus!

I'll try to stop exploiting this activity, but here he is pulling his Phil Collins mullet. I discovered that the quick fix is to blow on his hand.

Korrine comes over on Thursday nights, and Joash is usually asleep the entire time. This week he was awake, so they hung out.

He maybe thought she was me, but, that's okay, Koreans do too.

Then she gave him his first school lesson. It was about the banana. He wasn't the greatest student.


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  1. You got yourself such a cute kid :)

    Also glad to see you're teaching him some Hogwarts-ish things. Always good to start early.