Wednesday, April 27, 2011

A Passover Weekend.

We recently joined a small house church who we meet with every Saturday afternoon, mostly Koreans, three Americans, but the conversations happen in English. We decided to observe a Seder service with our church as part of our Passover/Easter celebrations. Rachel brought us all Korean style baked eggs (baked in the shell on a hot stone). Jini brought some oranges. Dan led the service, and we all got sugar high on grape juice. I think my blood sugar has just now returned to normal.

On our way to Jamsil for the service. Dan playing with his very shiny 3DS.

This is the ceremonial food, not the whole of the actual meal we ate, so you don't have to feel sorry.

A round of hand washing.

Sally pouring water over her hands three times.

Dan explains the matzah, which, luckily had been mailed to Johnny from the states, because I was not eager to make sheets of it this year. It's very tricky in a toaster oven.

Dan took pictures of the food: some potato kugel and tahini salad.

Matzo ball soup. We wanted people to be able to try some Jewish foods. And we ordered the tastiest baked chicken we've had here. I also made some chocolate caramel crackers for dessert.

Sally always does a really good job taking pictures of church every week and then making collages.

Hooray for Sally! Bottom picture: (L to R) Sally, me, Teresa, Lisa, Jini, Dan, Johnny. The picture on the right switches out Sally for Rachel who is in the pink shirt holding Kuro.

After everything was over, we hung out with Johnny's cats for a bit. This is Kurosawa. I am afraid of him because cats are scary, you guys. I am also afraid of birds and bees.

Johnny's kitten, Miyazaki. At the time we thought Miya was a girl, but it turns out she's a boy. Kittens are not scary.

Especially not scary are kittens when they sleep.

Oh, and also, we live by a castle. But, really, it's a restaurant with a fancy facade.


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