Sunday, April 24, 2011

Orchestrating Our Own Cherry Blossom Festival

Last year, we went to Yeouido's Cherry Blossom Festival. In fact, we went twice because nothing much had bloomed during our first attempt. This year, we just walked a couple blocks of our neighborhood for an easier, arguably prettier festival of our own. And then we walked to Taco Bell. Yeouido ain't got no Taco Bell.

Some shaded blossoms.

Green leaves already triumphing.

Scattered petal litter on the ground. Seeing piles like this makes you think you can just shake the flowers off the trees and have them rain down on you, but they're actually stuck pretty fast until they're ready to cut loose. We and other Koreans discovered this that day.

Dan found some perforated petals.

Just one cluster of hold outs.

A vine broke loose on a wall that reminds us we're in Korea.

I need to take some sort of posing class. I go from making a somewhat normal face to making a somewhat inappropriate one to being confused about how to make two peace signs at the same time (right before the picture, I'd been posing with just the index finger up on my left hand).

And, even though it is not rare at all to stand and pose for pictures pretty much anywhere you like in this country, I always get embarrassed before Dan's done and start walking back toward him.

I feel bad having no Dan in this post. So here he is playing with his iPod with his computer on his lap. He's very wired.

Soon we're going to go to the river for the first time this season. I'm excited about it. Maybe we'll even fly a kite.


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