Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Another Birthday.

I am now 28, still 32 years from the age at which I determined it is appropriate to start feeling old. I spent my second birthday in Korea in almost identical fashion to the first. Maybe one day I will have some sort of life crisis and start doing outlandish things to celebrate the passing of time, but, for now, I am happy to have dinner with my husband and, while we're in Korea, to eat a cake from Sticky Fingers Bakery. We had that dinner at Suji's Deli in Itaewon, in search of tasty sandwiches. They were out of turkey, so I tried pastrami for the first time. It was very meaty, but a good experience for me. And the Russian coleslaw proved an unexpected delight.

One of my presents was Dan's hair and the cutting of it.

Coupled with his making hair model poses. I need to take pictures of the rest of things Dan got me. He was an exceptional gift giver this year.

An ivied wall in Itaewon. The Noksapyeong side of Itaewon feels so different from the heart of the neighborhood. It's quieter and prettier. I like it.


Dan tucking into the bread basket.

My 28 year old face.

The laughing version.

Doing that ubiquitous heart on the belly thing. It was actually really difficult for me to figure out how to accomplish this. I couldn't align the visualization part with the mechanics of it.

Beefy, meaty pastrami sandwich.

My cute little cake. Nothing matches mom-made cakes, though. My mom is the single greatest frosting mixer I'll ever know.

My five candles.

Making my wish and making sure it comes true.

Dan always wears me out when I let him hold the camera, so I invariably end every Dan-helmed series with this look of exasperation.

No pictures from the river because we never made it to the river on Saturday. The weather was completely miserable, and we ended up taking subway trains to inside places. Tomorrow Dan has the day off for Children's Day. I think we're going to a movie and lunch with Johnny. They are going to eat seafood. I'm going to try not to eat that.


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