Thursday, December 23, 2010

Weekend 42 of 52.

Kindergarten Christmas Program, Insadong Musical Instrument Market, Christmas Show at Cafe Ben James

I have deceptively few pictures from last weekend, but it's probably because everything we did was deceptively low-key. We went to see the Kindergarten Christmas Program at Dan's school on Saturday afternoon, after which we went to check out fortifications for our respective instruments (strings for Dan, reeds for me) at the Musical Instrument Market in Insadong. And then we played a Sunday Christmas show at Cafe Ben James right in Hongdae, and that was a lot of fun. I think Dan is working on a Merry Christmas Carol video from that.

My friend Bonnie is set to arrive in Korea tomorrow night, and then she will spend Christmas and New Year's with us. If it is not too cold, that could result in many interesting things.

Another Dan + Christmas tree success.

Aww, little angels.

Are you wondering why would I take a picture while everyone's leaving?

Because, look! this is in the middle of the thing. The parents bum rushed the stage anytime their kid was singing, effectively voiding any sense of civility and any semblance of a view. It was a little bit insane. And then they'd hurry back to their seats to watch the video they'd just captured. I mean, I know most people don't care about other people's kids, but I'm pretty sure you're supposed to fake it.

Pianos at the market.

Dan wanted to go look at Taylors, but the shop was packed.

Sun setting on buildings.

Looking down on a flower shop.

This is truth in advertising: banana shaped and colored Circus Peanuts, which are banana flavored (and delicious).

Lego candies. But very hard to build with.

Dan hanging out in the cute little artist's section at Cafe Ben James.


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  1. Happy Seoul Christmas! I love those Lego candies...who doesn't love tasty toys?

    I am thrilled that Bonnie is coming to see you soon!! :) I can't wait to hear the holiday tales of the Johnsons and the Bonnie.