Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Weekend 32 of 52.

Seoul International Fireworks Festival

The Fourth of July in Korea was like the fifth of July in Korea. That is to say, it pretty much happened without our noticing. We made up for our patriotic neglect by watching fireworks in October (because what are fireworks but little explosive declarations of US independence?). We walked down to the river, set up a Chinese takeout picnic, and saw fireworks in the style of China, Canada, and Korea as part of the Seoul International Fireworks Festival.

Friday's dinner was at Maya Mexican restaurant in Hongdae. Very Aztecky.

Trying out new looks.

Our picnic position. We weren't sure where to plant ourselves, so we walked until we found congregated Koreans.

Korrine helped John eat noodles. He does not yet possess chopstick dexterity.

We soon learned that our view was quite obstructed by bridge.

Even more obstructed by the constant flow of furious bike traffic. Surprisingly, we saw only two wipe outs.

The view from pillar 15.

Some blues to start.

Snuggly family.

Very colorful.

And sparkly, too.

Street lamps and firecrackers.

Dan and I walked down the river for a better view.

Screaming spirals, but we were too far away to hear them. Every boom was out of sync.

Classic blasts.


We found some monsters on the way home.

And stopped to watch some evening golf practice. These nets are everywhere in Seoul.

On Sunday we went to Ahyeon for bland espressos.

Then to Dongdaemun where we eventually took the Subway ride away home.

This Saturday we will be playing at the Free Market in Hongdae again, but hopefully we'll be able to make it to Seoul Grand Park on Sunday, so long as any rain falls on someone else's plain.


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