Monday, August 16, 2010

Weekend 24 of 52.

Skypergories, Fringe Festival

We accomplished a pleasantly low-key weekend. It started with Skypergories (Skype + Scattergories) against our wonderful friends Lacy and Justin DiSabatino, and it ended with some (Korean) Independence Day (Korean-style) BBQ. We made a brief visit to Soul Underground on Saturday night for a concert in concert with Hongdae's Fringe Festival. Dan and I (as the Bell & the Hammer) get to participate in the festival next Saturday, and we are really excited about it. If you live in Korea, you should come (here's a map or you can contact us for directions). I think it starts around 7, and, if last night indicates future Fringe Festival precedent, first drink is free. That's good as gold. Right as rain. Sweet as sugar. Cool as cukes. Pleased as punch. Am I right?

Our books, their books.

Friends! And only just newlywedded. Lacy and I tied for first in individual scoring, but the DiSabatinos edged out the Johnsons in team scoring. I won't blame Dan, but it is all his fault.

In Purple at Soul Underground.

Our beloved little Soul Underground. It was completely packed.

Black Bag. Their lead singer, MinWoo, will play an acoustic set next Saturday.

Fringe folder.

Squid on the walk home to remind us where we live. And how awesome it is.


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