Friday, April 23, 2010

Midnight Stitch for Cuppa Thursday.

This week, we decided we'd explore the street just beyond our main street. We walked back there last week, and it was chockablock with coffee shops and boutiques and generally cooler stuff than what is on our street. We decided on Midnight Stitch after Dan's first choice cafe with a rooftop patio didn't appear to be open.

Our foliage is great right now, even though Seoul doesn't want to commit to warm air.

We found murals and a Mexican restaurant! Taco Papa. Suddenly we eat Mexican food for, like, every other meal. "Cafe Ola, your lounge for rest where the tresure is hided like Atlantis treasure...could be coffee, book, music, or conversation. Be in Atlantis for a while...your own space. Written by Betty & Julie" and poignantly so.

Familiar faces on the way.

Midnight Stitch. This guy on the drums sometimes seemed like a bit of a creep, especially when spotted peripherally.

Our bevvies. Second best Americano so far, Korrine's hot choco, and Dan's moody orange juice. I liked the sugar dispenser. I am going to miss these Korean cafes.

Flowers and yarn make for my kind of cafe.

I'd say this is the artiest place we've visited for cuppa. I especially enjoy pen drawings with the cross hatching and all of that.

I like this so much.

Tomorrow I am going back to the zoo at Children's Grand Park with Teresa whose birthday is also this weekend. Dan is in training for school, so he will not be coming. I will not this time forget my camera.


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