Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Early in our Korean adventure, I decided I would be collecting socks. Sock vendors are everywhere and their wares are unique and silly. I will look back on Korea fondly anytime I wear any of these. My only sort of rule is that I want to try and buy a different brand each time. I'm sure I'll reach the limit of that, though, and I won't stop buying socks I want to own.

Before I set the rules, I bought two pairs right off the bat, and it was such a hard decision to settle on just two. This, we think, is probably a panda with a pocket.

And this, a dog or a bear wearing a bathing suit, having a teddy bear.

Maybe just from this blog and not from interpersonal contact you have ascertained that I am obsessed with Ravenclaw. I don't think that's any truer of me than it is of Luna Lovegood, so... but I also have a lot of blue and gray clothes. I like that you can tell these are dressy socks because of the bow at the toe.

This is a boy's sock. They are cushier, it's nice. This is obviously caveman Butt-head at a haunted house.

This pig is losing the Diet War to some crazy orange doughnuts. I like that they carried the theme through with the camouflage letters.

Classic Mario. Also a boy's sock. My favorite so far.

And these are my newest socks, purchased for me by Dan for my birth week. This Girl!

I'll keep you posted.



  1. That last sock girl looks like Little Miss Chatterbox!!!


    I love these. I love Ravenclaw.

  2. I knew it was a rip off of something. They tend to be loose with intellectual property.