Friday, April 2, 2010

Board Game Bang in Sinchon.

Thursday night, which is usually reserved for Cuppa Thursday, some people from the school invited us out to a Board Game Bang (room) in Sinchon, land of the copious street foods and the Caribou Coffee. Basically what we did was rent an hour of board game time and space and the use of some clever props. There were seven of us, so our game choice was limited, and W3000 per person isn't much per person, but when it's seven people paying to play two card games, the total cost seems excessive. We ended up playing a type of slap jack game with fruit cards and several rounds of Pit. It is a fun atmosphere with various games going on at all times, and an employed gamesman stands watch to explain the rules and enhance game play. I would go back with just a couple people to play a game we couldn't just go out and buy for our combined fee.

Wall of games.

The game directory and our slap fruit game.

There was a hat wall, from which Dan chose this lovely clown wig affixed to a baseball cap. Korrine wore a purple cowboy hat, and Marius wore a monk (inverse) wig for a while.

Tim held the gavel that came down on any premature slappers and then again on any Pit round losers (usually me or Cristina).

Paying out. They had strawberry soda. It was the first time I'd ever seen that.

Krispy Kreme was next door, so some of the group bought doughnuts. I like those Bavarian Creme lamps. It was the biggest Krispy Kreme I've visited and the busiest, though they weren't fresh hot now at the time.

(With palpitation just like the first time You will be my only love forever) Our favorite local coffee shop, and it's super local just down the street, is Byoung A Ri Kong. They've had a sign on their door for about a week coupled with what appeared to be packing activity behind barred doors. Dan took a picture of the sign and had a Korean speaking teacher at the school translate, and it said they were redecorating to reopen April 1st. We were relieved. Not only do we have a frequent buyer stamp card, but it's also been the absolute best Americano I've had in Seoul. So we got our cuppa once we were back in Hapjeong. Even still, we are afraid they might be under new management as we didn't recognize anyone working. Everything did seem to taste pretty much the same.

Free waffle for the reopening. I looked up their name online, and it essentially means Bottle of Beans, like coffee beans. So cute, and they've done all the branding themselves, from what I can gather from their website.



  1. I love that you say "cuppa" now! I always try to say it here, and no one understands, I end up looking like a snobbish loser who makes up words just so I can explain them (as seen with Tyra Banks in "smeyesing" or "modeling H2T").

  2. The worst part about Tyra's made up words is that she expects other people to say them (without laughing).

    We have an Australian friend, so we say all kinds of silly things, mate. When we get back to America, we should go out for a cuppa.