Saturday, January 10, 2015

Lights Mostly

The thing I will remember most about our stint here in Indiana, however brief or long it proves to be, is its incredible capacity for snow production. When it snows, it snows every day, sometimes just a dusting to tidy everything up. Because I don't have to leave the house, I actually really, really love this part of this part of the country. Joash thinks it's Christmas every day now because every Netflix Christmas special told him it would snow on Christmas (it didn't, so now he's enjoying the delayed gratification). Also because of Netflix, Joash already knows that Christmas is in constant need of saving. 

So here are some pictures of our belated white Christmas.
Some Christmas knitting. I made the Sugar Vest for Korrine's daughter Quinn and their forthcoming Australian winter. 
Blue buttons and a bit of lace.
Seed stitch button band and i-cord hems.
LEGO action in front of our Douglas fir. She is the planet Duplo.
Because we spent Christmas in Cincinnati, we didn't get to take Christmas pajama pictures in front of the tree, so we did it for the new year.
More Christmas knitting. I made stockings for the kids to match the stockings I knit for Dan and myself 5 years ago.
For Ammi, a Reindeer Stocking.
For Joash, a Moose Stocking.
I really enjoyed the color work. It's always nice to have a good payoff for your efforts.
Also nice was the childrens' apparent interest in something I knit for them. Joash ran around with it on his arm and pretended it was a snake. (Contrast that with today's shouty meltdown after I made him try on a vest I just finished.)
I hadn't yet weaved in the ends, so Ammi tried to drape the loose string over her neck like a scarf.
Dan decked out our house with the straightest Christmas lights on the block!
Meanwhile, our week of winter weather has now encased the lights in cocoons of ice and snow. 
Here is that aforementioned hot chocolate revelry. 

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