Friday, January 9, 2015

Holiday Pictures

I took my camera to Florida for Thanksgiving, but I did not take my camera to Ohio for Christmas, so there is a plethora of the one and a dearth of the other. I'll try harder next time.

Right now I'm sitting on the chair while Dan and his boy build an Ewok Village out of LEGOs on the dining table, sipping away at their hot chocolates in twin cups. Ammi is asleep, snuggled under two blankets while the playroom (her experimental room, the third since we've moved to this house, all in the so far unsuccessful attempt to secure for Joash a post-5am wakeup) heats up. I made myself some hot coffee, but I really can't get along with soy milk in hot coffee, so I might just end up wasting it (EDIT: I did). Much like I've wasted all my blogging time this evening, so on with it (EDIT: Today is tomorrow).

Water fun on my parents' pretty awesome wrap around porch.
It took Ammi a while to warm up to the idea.
Perhaps because of this guy here doing his best to target splash everybody.
If you know Ammi, you know that this never happens. Never was there ever a successful sleep transition with this kid, except that one time it happened and we took this picture of it.
We go to my mother's sister's house for Thanksgiving. My dad has a habit of making these Thanksgiving faces. Here for the picture. Here for the post.
Meanwhile, Dan asked me to take this picture. Gearing up for games.
Amber chatting in the kitchen after lunch.
My mom orchestrated a baseball game. It was Joah's first. He ran the wrong way.
Banyan is such an easy poser. No arguments or goofy faces.
JJ knocked the t-ball out of the park, so to speak.
Mom and Hannah playing catch.
Madison was in the outfield, if her balloon blowing didn't already make that apparent.
Evan had such a good run of it.
Banyan at bat.
The whole scene.
Mason was super laid back and here sits on his father's brother-in-law's step mother's lap.
Heidi and her mom relishing that Florida Thanksgiving weather.
More games. My brother being nice to a child, while Amanda gets her game face on.
I thought my mom would like the picture of Jeff's nice smile.
Julie and her newest grandbaby.
My yankee son needed to come inside to cool down. Also, monster trucks.
Mason found the baby toys.
Ammi found the baby.
A gaggle of girl cousins (while Quinn looks on).
Bryan teaching his oldest son how to be the kind of cheater who wins!
Balloon pop game. Not for the faint of heart. I find it very stressful.
Playing Whoonu.
Joash legitimately loves to kiss a baby.
These boys are next generation close cousins, just like my brother Jeff and our cousin Bryan.
During "throw all the stuff across the table screaming screaming screaming!" game.
Getting one last squeeze in.
This was Ammi's first caged experience. 
Cutting in butter with his MamaGrandma.
My parents live in a tree house, and I like it.
My father reading to his daughter's son.
This was Ammi's first glance at our Christmas tree. More to come on that.

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