Thursday, June 13, 2013

Doing it Wrong Since 2k11

Well, that was an interesting and horribly failed experiment. It is 3:16am on the millionth day of transitioning Joash from crib to bed, and no one's slept at night for months. We did everything Super Nanny told us, and I wasn't even surprised when it took Joash 2 hours and 100 tries instead of 1 and 10, because, with sleep, that's just how this kid is. And that first evening, Dan and I took turns walking him back, and we laughed and laughed because it was ludicrous, and I thought for sure all the getting up and down and the way it seized my belly was going to kick start this baby into labor.

So we tried door side vigilance. We tried tender understanding. We tried boot camp meanness. And Joash still stays awake for at least 2 hours in the middle of the night, 3 on nights like these. We have successfully traded real sleep for marathon naps. This has been the key to turning him into a good napper. Basic life ruining. 

You know how kids are supposed to get it if you stick with it? My kid does not have that synapse. We have done all the sleep transitions for months on end, with no getting it in sight. A solid month of cry it out, 2 hours every night. No getting it. This bed debacle for 6 weeks now. No semblance of getting it. I keep thinking we shouldn't give up because what if this is the night he starts getting it. No, stupid. There is no getting it. So back to the crib we'll go. And I don't mind him sleeping in a crib, and we should have just left him there in the first place. It seemed like a good idea, though. Moving him out for the new baby.

But how do you know your kid is really really not ready for such a thing. I am frustrated that we always seem to make the wrong parenting choices, but I guess that's what it is to be a new parent. Less than 2 years is not a long time to be doing a job, especially when the parameters are constantly changing. Still I am discouraged.

Anyhow if we can swing it this kid will be in a crib until he's 60. Hopefully the transition back tomorrow night will be even slightly less miserable than the transition forward.

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