Saturday, December 17, 2011

Our Halls, Decked

We actually have no halls at all in our apartment, but we decked our window wall and a corner anyway. Joah participated by watching me cut out snowflakes and later sitting on Dan's lap while we put foil on our plastic Christmas tree (sorry to both Radiohead and Joni Mitchell).

Dan's early Christmas present to me was showing me how to watch the Today Show on demand on the XBox. For whatever reason it isn't blocked in Korea. During tonight's 3.5 hour baby eats, I have been watching the latest episode. Ignoring background American TV has helped soothe the sting of my holiday-triggered homesickness.

Baby's new trick: chewing chins and with gusto.

Last year's stockings, knit light garland and Christmas tree forest, paper and plastic. Complete with fresh cut snowflakes.

A night view with our lighted fire. Yes, I did ask Dan to forfeit a whole dollar for the full "game."

I guess it's part our fault/part living-in-the-future's fault that Joah already loves computer monitors of various sizes and purposes. He briefly hijacked Dan's DS playing, but he thought it was meant to be controlled mouthwise, and it was a little gross.

Low Res Picture Feature:

Tucking in during bed making, just like lil orphan Annie.

A weekday family lunch.

Hood-aided nap time.

Sitting up at a falafel restaurant. Too bad the falafel maker was a jerk, as it all but guarantees I won't again get to eat falafel Seoulside. What is the point of having a customer-based business if the customers inconvenience you simply by being customers? (Walking in and not immediately seating ourselves, thereby interrupting his hookah break, not ordering according to his preferred price point, not eating our pita sandwich the right way, not having cash even though credit cards were posted as acceptable.)

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