Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Four Months Old

I just realized as I set out to type it that the nickname I readily call my son is unspellable. I often call him any variation of the word booger. This includes: boogie, boogity (prompting recitations of this), and boog. But when you just write boog, it looks like you have written boog (rhymes with boob) not boog (rhymes with book). I feel like this serves as a proof that something or someone doesn't exist.

But, that someone turned four months old today! Another time-space continuum conundrum is that his birthday is August 7th, but he won't be four months old in his home country until tomorrow. Once we move back to America, we will always celebrate his birthday a day late, and what if we were to fly to Korea on August 6th? He'd miss his birthday entirely! But if we flew to the states on August 7th, he'd get two birthdays. I think the tangential nature of this post has something to do with the chronic naplessness of the aforementioned booger and/or the coffee I drank earlier.

Moving on, four months. And I took some pictures of his new and seasonal morning ritual: the cuddling of the Christmas lights. Maybe that's why he can't sleep? Who knows (but the internet)!

Back when he was still in the 3 months plus category, we bundled him up for a walk, yet still not to the exacting standards of middle aged Korea, who demand that infants always be dressed in comforters.

Note his pink slippers, doing their best to promote gender confusion amongst his admirers.

He sure looks like he wants a nap, right?

It starts with just one bulb.

And dissolves into a chew-fest.

But he don't mind.


I know I've posted too many pictures when I have nothing else to say about them.

I understand what this implies about my parenting style. I'm not bothered.

Napless wonder (did you know some babies can sleep for longer than 45 minutes?!?!?!?!?!) just awakened, and I think maybe I should unplug the lights.


  1. I almost missed my 16th birthday when I flew to Japan. I only got like 4 hours! Your kid is pretty cute, just saying!

  2. I knew you would understand. We are modeling so much of his life after yours. He is Bonnie 2.0, the male version.