Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Weekend 48 of 52.

Lunch at Loving Hut, Bake Sale to benefit Asan Animal Shelter, Soul Underground Session with Film Star

Some promising weather news: it has reached above 30 for the last two days, which means one layer of pants and only a coat instead of a coat stuffed with hoodies and lighter jackets. What happy news. Our weekend could not actually have happened without this most brutal Seoul winter, as we spent Saturday at a bake sale raising funds for dog houses and medical care for the little frozen pups at the Asan Animal Shelter. We pre-ordered a box of cookies, brownies, muffins, bread, which secured the donation of a dog house. It also secured for us our only chance of buying anything. By the time we got to the cafe after eating lunch, every last item for sale had been purchased, and I think people were eyeing my box hoping I wouldn't show up.

Lunch we had at the Loving Hut Buffet, the delightfully militant vegan restaurant with its 24/7 propaganda TV that we went to for the first time so long ago. I'm pretty sure everyone who takes the time to read the subtitles on the propaganda TV thinks it's hilarious. We saw some Koreans chuckling to themselves, while we were openly cackling. At the time, we were learning how to delete memories of bad past lives with our computer souls, while clinging to the hope of one day owning our very own UFOs. I don't know what that has to do with veganism, but somehow both will save the planet.

And we ended our Saturday back at Soul Underground to play another show. Our final Korean show before our journey to the New World is this Saturday, and then Dan is letting me rest for a while. Thanks, Dan.

Buried arches.

Just let go of your small self and then you'll be great. Some encouragement from the Loving Hut. It is usually more pointed than this, but I didn't see the "Go veg, save the world" slogan this time.

At tiny Cafe Harunohee for the bake sale.

My box!

The cafe's busy dog.

Lots of people brought blankets for the dogs, and the event raised almost $900. We thought we had come a bit far, traveling around 45 minutes by subway, but we met up with a couple who'd taken a three-hour bus ride. Unfortunately, they didn't get any baked goods (though I offered a conciliatory cookie) and just dropped off some blankets.

The cafe. Dan translated the Japanese as spring day.

We witnessed some street food in action on the way home.

Right now Asia is celebrating the Lunar New Year, so Dan is off for the rest of the week. Tomorrow we're going to participate in a Foreigner Talent Show at Lotte World that I'm pretty embarrassed about. Cool.


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