Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Weekend 47 of 52.

Soul Underground Session: Acoustic Night, Dunkin Donuts, Snow

I left the house this weekend. In fact, from Thursday through Sunday, I left the house every day. And it was cold, but I survived. The weather still isn't great for doing Weekend Things, but our hankering to do them lingers on. They may have to wait until our second round of 52 weeks commences (sorry, Tiffany).

This weekend, though, we played a show at Soul Underground, we had Doughnut Saturday at Dunkin Donuts (usually Dan just goes and picks them up), and I took pictures of the endlessly replenishing snow.

I took these pictures from Luke's Facebook. I hope he does not mind. This is Dan watching a band at Soul Underground. Photo by Luke Shackelford.

Me engaging in nervous laughter during setup. Photo by Luke Shackelford.

Dan was petitioned to tell a story in Korean. He told a short story with none of a story's necessary elements, including plot and denouement. It was not a great story. Photo by Luke Shackelford.

Our winter feet. Photo by Luke Shackelford.

Look at Hongdae's pretty tree lights outside the window. Thanks for dressing up, Hongdae. Photo by Luke Shackelford.

Here is further proof of my existing outside our moldy apartment (not spoken poetically but because our apartment is actually quite moldy).

Dan is excited about it.

Snow falling.

Outside our window.

I never understand people who practice futile activity. We had a neighbor in Ohio who would pluck every leaf from his yard immediately as it drifted over. He is also the sort of fellow who would shovel his walk in the middle of a snow storm. Maybe I don't understand because Dan and I were always too lazy to do much more than salt our steps for our postwoman.

Snow stack.

And now I have to go eat my afternoon snack of some terrible, terrible brownies made from a vegan recipe in an effort to use up bananas. Bananas are not eggs, vegans, and they make brownies taste yellow when they should taste brown. [EDIT: The brownies are wholly inedible, and I will just let my bananas rot next time.] [EDIT AGAIN: Dan salvaged the pasty, beany brownie goop as a smoothie starter.]


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