Thursday, November 13, 2014

Dan's gone for work again. Ammi is a non-sleeping, high-needs/spirited one year old. Things are not going well.

But Joash made an instructional video, and last month we went to a farm in the evening. I'm going to hurry and dump that information here before the babies start languishing at my feet like some goblins from the Labyrinth if I'm remembering any of that correctly.

LEGO INSTRUCTION VIDEO from serenity johnson on Vimeo.

Stair Stepper from serenity johnson on Vimeo.

Ammi Walks and Walks Away from serenity johnson on Vimeo.

We carved a pumpkin. It has since been disposed of. Ammi is the only of our offshoots that participated.
Pigeon and Duck from everyone's favorite Pigeon books.
Getting ready for bed by the pacifying blue light of a video game.
This is from Thistleberry Farm, where we went with a group of people from church to do Midwestern Autumnal Farm Funtivities.
Joash was super excited to get on with it. Of all the things we each paid ten dollars to participate in, his favorite thing was driving dump trucks through some dirt, which we literally have in our back yard. It's all about the ambiance, though, right?
He loved this huge slide, even though it seems like he is taken aback. He was the only kid on the platform when he went, and we heard him echo through, talking to himself for several minutes, trying to decide which tube to choose.
This was a giant "jumping pillow." He couldn't quite manage to stay standing and jump. We did several running attempts. He was fairly disappointed.
But you really can't go wrong with a tractor-pulled cow train through a corn maze.
It was a nice, little setting.
Ammi made her way through some tractor tire tunnels. She also got to bathe in a pool of corn kernels, which she hated, but I loved.
Farm land sunset stages.

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