Saturday, October 11, 2014

I guess nothing of note happened in September. I didn't even take any pictures the whole month. But October has already started with an explosion of photographable activity.

This actually happened in August. Dan or Joash or both had the idea to collect every single pillow in the house and throw the whole lot into Ammi's crib.
My little Mafia.
DIY Bounce House. And, of course it was Mom's job to put all the pillows away. Not hating, just stating.

This week Joash has been asking to play outside, which is kind of a big deal because he doesn't usually want to be outside. I think he's not a fan of hot weather, honestly, because now that it's crisp and the air shoots through your lungs and just feels healthier somehow, he's asked to go out twice. Ammi refused to get out of this swing for at least 30 minutes, and Joash practiced climbing the tree. Today he wore his monkey hoodie so that it would help him climb the tree.

After we spent a day crunching the leaves on the sidewalk, we asked Papa to make a nice big pile to play in. Joash is so interested in leaves this year that Dan even bought him his own brake.

We thought Ammi would like it, too, but what she really wanted was the freedom to run off into the street. It's an ancient allure, that forbidden street to curious children.

He really had a lovely time. And his rake came in the mail today, so I think there will plenty of that this weekend.

Ammi is finally at an age where I can get some good knitting done. I finished this sweater that I cast-on for in January of 2013.

Joash takes an afternoon nap that is an hour or so longer than Ammi's afternoon nap, so we get some alone time, she and me. She usually spends that time tearing into everything in the living room, but this day she kept trying to grab the camera. She's a monster, but usually in the best way.

Autumn Leaves Vest for Ammi.

This yarn is from camels in Mongolia. We sourced it ourselves, haha. It has a lovely halo.

But just look at this face!

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