Tuesday, August 5, 2014

I have nothing super meaningful to report. Life has been good. The babies have their birthday this Thursday, so I've wrapped a small stack of presents, and I've planned out in Legos their Lego cake. I have the Duplo model in the kitchen waiting to be created. Magically the children have been more or less sleeping in the same room, and just this week Ammi decided that 8 o'clock is a pretty fine bed time. Tomorrow I will have videos, but today I have pictures.

They do love a good video game session with their daddy.

Speaking of love, Ammi cannot get enough of her brother, even when he's had enough of her.

Teething continues to be a monster, but this day there were popsicles.

He has proved to be such a big help that I just want to have another baby so he can, like, legitimately take care of it.

But being helpful doesn't mean he's compliant. These insubordinate children refused a good photo op.

This is my all day every day.

I don't know why, but somehow they're mine.

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