Thursday, May 22, 2014

Dan was in Thailand recently, and my dad came up to make sure I didn't go crazy with the pressures of these precious babies. It was a really nice time, just me and my dad, watching Joash climb on him nonstop, and seeing Ammi warm right up to him. It was all very ordinary in the best, most hopeful way, and I won't forget that feeling. I drank too much soda, stayed up well into the 9 o'clock hour, and just indulged in marathon hours of Columbo, no big deal.

We did a couple sight seeing things, like visiting the Studebaker Museum, which Joash insisted on calling the "Tuna Makers," driving to the Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore, and eating at one of the local and ubiquitous pancake houses, at which my dad swiftly became a morning regular. He also changed all my burnt out light bulbs and helped me plant a little garden. He's all right, my dad.

Grandpa gazes.
The aforementioned Columbo watching. Actually, Ammi really dd love it. For whatever reason, it consistently made her laugh.

I'm not going to say it was lame, but maybe we just didn't do it right? It just seemed like weedy hills of sand in a forest behind junky train tracks.

Well, at least Ammi got to eat some sand.

And Joash got to dig in it.

He employed his hefty excavator and did everything he could to avoid the water part of the beach.

The view from either end of our beach blanket.

On the walk back to the car, Joash, grumpy with hunger, got mad at my dad and me and went to be "far away" from us.

I forgot that my dad chaperoned a sleeping Ammi in the car while Joash got his first big boy haircut. He wanted to stand on his stool and look in the mirror before bath time. While he was getting his cut, I asked him if he wanted me to stand there with him or go sit down. He told me definitively to go sit down. The girls there thought it was the funniest thing. He has unpredictable bursts of independence.

Dan had such a terrible time getting home because United continues to be the absolute worst, most unfriendly, unaccomodating airline in the history of the whole world, and he fell asleep with our little grump.

This is from today. She knows her way around a frown.

Joash has won the attention of two little neighbor girls who came to our living room window to ask him to play tonight. We were about to eat dinner, so, like a real mother, I had to coordinate with them a playdate. When we got outside, they were running errands with their grandma, so Dan walked him down the block for a while. Eventually the girls did come back, and, just like older sisters would, they ended up pushing him in a stroller with a blanket on his lap like a proper baby.

He's starting to figure out his bike. Such a kid now, this ol' baby.

I'm about to have so many videos! Old ones from a camera I finally dealt with. But Ammi is only willing that I do things in segments. I suppose she doesn't want me to work too hard.

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