Friday, April 18, 2014

Another month has passed, which means I've scrutinized and compared my children and come up with another set of comparables. I actually kept forgetting to take a picture, even though I had a picture in mind, so I ended up having Dan take one on his phone. Pretty lame, but I've already got my April picture done, so I don't feel too bad.

Left: March 2012, Joash
Right: March 2014, Amielle

Ammi spent an afternoon gazing longingly out the window.

 Sometimes babies might as well be puppies.

I have a policy that if, during a diaper change, a child flips to his or her backside, said child is punished via photographic evidence. I did it to Joash, and I've done it now to her. But baby butts are such that they require documentation, are they not?

Here are these sweet crazies in the bath.

For now, Joash is still so tender toward his sister. He has a special voice for her, higher pitched and whispery. If she's crying, he'll say, "Don't worry, Ammi, Mama's gonna feed you."

He even occasionally requests her presence while he's watching one of his shows after nap time. Every now and then, though, he acts like a proper sibling and screams over the injustice of her touching him while he's eating a sandwich or he laments her obsession with his LEGO train (and the destruction thereof). I do wonder if they'll be friends when they're grown up, and I wonder if it will hurt my heart if they are not, but that's just because I like to collect things to worry about.

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