Wednesday, March 5, 2014

I went with the babies to Florida for a brief Grandparently visit while Dan did his usual tour of Asia. I will admit to pangs of nostalgia when he emailed me a picture of our old apartment and as the pictures of him doing Korea things stacked up on Facebook, but it is easy to feel happy when you're caught up remembering, and I know that living there with babies and so much aloneness just wasn't good for anyone, least of all the babies.

I am glad to be back in our home with my iced Bustelo chilling in the fridge, no more drive by Dunkin for me for now. We made a pretty good Ikea run while we were in Cincinnati, and now we can trim the windows and dry dishes on a rack instead of a tea towel on the counter. Being home also means fun things like making noodles with Joash, pasta roller clamped to a dining room chair. He took ownership of the task and held the dough while he was cranking the handle and then hurried to hang it up to dry. Maybe this will be that elusive guarantor that he'll finally try noodles for dinner, probably not.

All the kisses in the world on a good day, but I have noticed bouts of sibling rivalry springing up. He makes me pick them both up after a nap, and he sometimes tells me, "Don't feed Ammi, just leave her alone." Which sounds as harsh as a 2 year old can make it, but he doesn't mean it harshly, just matter of factly.
The spinning chair was a main attraction of the living room in Florida. I think everyone got a little inspired by the Olympics, and Grandma had a time getting them both dizzy. Joash would hop off her lap and wobble around and once he fell on his poor little face while mumbling, "Oh, oh, oh..." Always coming back for more, though.

Every morning we'd try to wait for my mom to come down so we could eat breakfast with her at the counter. If you're going to go to all that trouble, you might as well bring cars to park by the sink.

Uncle Jeff, mean as he purports to be, loaded up his computer with cartoons for Joash to watch, so we celebrated drive-in movie night most nights.

Babies of knitters must love yarn.

Because he's enjoyed it in the past, I thought Joash would like to run through the fountains with his cousins, but, of course, there is no referencing history to a finicky kid.

Ammi is a hard sell for laughter, but she'll usually honor your efforts with a smile.

The park area near the fountain is not the best, but the kids liked sitting on this gym thing.

Ammi practiced free-standing.

We attempted a photo for posterity, but Joash was sick of being coaxed to have a good time, and Ammi was more interested in the action than the camera.

Hands in his pockets. He let me walk him through a couple times, but he walked away crying when he realized he was wet.

Banyan had no trouble having fun.

This is the difference between 5 and 2.

You know how you play hard all day with your kids and then someone will remark, "Oh, they'll sleep good tonight!"? Does that actually happen for anyone, because my kids are always up before the day starts. If anything's true, it's a slightly longer nap maybe once days later.

Picking tomatoes with Grandma ended up being pretty sweet. Joash followed her lead and kept repeating all her exclamations of quality.

He was proud of his little basket, and he refused to let us take it for him, though my mom did lighten his load periodically.

Finding the good ones.

Getting all the cuddles in on the last day.

And here she is being real cool and wearing a Jayne hat that I had to make for one of my brother's friends.

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