Monday, April 1, 2013

You could guess why I'm writing. Dan's in Japan this week, but, honestly, I am getting so much better about it. I actually really appreciate all the singular attention I get from Joash, and good days are easy. So far, we've had two good days in a row, great days, really. Yesterday we celebrated Easter with a date at Lotteria for burgers and chicken nuggets (also, we celebrated Passover last week when Dan was here). Then we ran a couple shopping errands and played for a fantastically long time on the (currently) inert fountains outside of E-Mart. It was our warmest day yet, and Joash found a couple friends to squawk and squeal at. He is used to being chased down and tickled by the older girls at church, and I think he thinks that everyone's out to engage him. He's not entirely wrong, but only almost right.

Today we dug in the sand and watched a tractor tear apart one of the playgrounds by our house. The nice thing about Korea is that they do these things completely in the open without even any protective barriers, so we got to see it up close. And then we marveled as the guy magicked his way onto the truck bed by rotating the bucket front to back and doing alternating push ups. There was no ramp. Is that normal? It was amazing either way.

I was taking pictures of a hat I'd knit myself, and he thought it was so funny that he should wear it.

This kid is always covered in a smear of peanut butter. It is his main food group, though today he did consume several bites of beef and even put a piece of cauliflower in his mouth (before taking it out and returning it to mine).

There's a reason we never practice music anymore, and that reason sprung from our loins. Maybe we should buy him his own strummable object.

Studying Dan's technique.

So this is a picture of him putting something equally unidentifiable and inedible in his mouth. It got stuck in his teeth and he waddled over to have me pull it out.

We were in Myeongdong on Saturday night, which is a thing we never do anymore, and I have made it my aim to buy every type of Mario sock I see. This appears to be Mario wearing either a monkey on his hat or a monkey suit on his body. I avidly, and with gusto, enjoy the Mario games, but I do not remember his affiliation with any monkeys, other than the kind repeatedly stealing his lady friend.

I have been knitting things. From now on, I will link to my Ravelry project pages for those things, so I don't have to keep reiterating information. This is the Chinese Waves Dishcloth.

The first of my baby girl knits. Camilla Babe Sweater

I knit it way too big, and I tried it on my 20 month old as confirmation. He hates me. Just kidding. How does he know it's for a girl? He will hate me maybe.

This I knit for the reason we were in Myeongdong. We were celebrating the engagement of our friends Ben and Monica. She's a crafty gal, so I made her a crafty pal. Ornament of Love

And this, a hat for my winter head. Waffel Hat

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