Friday, February 22, 2013

Reasons I Don't Blog Without Pictures

Do you know what stresses me out enough that I suspend it in my brain space to make sure to talk to Dan about it on our Valentine's date that he surprised me with (meaning he orchestrated a baby sitter and made dinner plans, which, though they went awry, still provided us with a dinner cooked on flames, some fantastic street food, and coffee drinks that we just sat around drinking)? When smart people use the wrong it's/its. I just keep reading all these blogs full of, "the monkey danced in it's pants while it's friends thought about how its not fair." Or whatever. Let's just render the written form of the contraction "it's" obsolete, as it has now so proved itself to be. If we all just resolve never again to type or write the word "it's," then I will never have to read it in smart people's blogs ever again!

Did you know, back in my day, we weren't even allowed to put contractions of any kind in our written word assignments? Can you believe it? I mean, I know blogs are essentially spoken prose typed into a little, white internet box, and I'm not so stodgy as to suggest that we turn it into stilted essay writing, but, still. Down with the it's! Its too easy to confuse!

Oh, and I's isn't a word the way you think it is, ladies of the Bachelor. Sean and you may have a "relationship," but let's not bring that lady I into it. You're gonna want to say, "Sean's and my" or you might as well just give all that coveted alone time to whoever that possessive I is.

Oh, hey, and winter, why don't you just go on be done already? My belly is now so burgeoning that it barely fits into my coats anymore, and the snow you just dumped on the ground is just making me grumpy by now.

And, on account of the baby in this belly, I've been taking naps with the baby out this belly, and he keeps waking me up at the headache spot with his mid-nap fake coughing fits. And y'all know Tylenol wasn't made to actually combat any aches, which is why I'm still allowed to ingest it, so I have to wrap my head up with socks full of ice cubes.

No, but I'm not in a bad mood. I'm about to eat some homemade Indian food that Dan brought me back from one of his trainees. Three giant pieces of naan and a pan full of some sort of curried chicken, and I'm going to eat it all!


  1. Haha...I agree, down with the it's! Though after reading this I did get a little self-conscious of my own interest ramblings, to be honest. I also agree that winter needs to beat it, though spring in the midwest (as you are aware) leaves much to be desired.

    Anyway...I hope you are feeling better these days!

  2. I don't blame the typer, I blame the word! By and large, all types of contractions are a pain.