Thursday, November 1, 2012

I dressed Joash like a duck this morning, mostly so we could compare pictures to him dressed like a duck a year ago. Last year we made him a Mallard, though, and this year we went with the standard Pekin duck. My favorite book growing up was The Story About Ping, which I always remembered being called Ping the Duck. And I also really liked a non-fiction children's book about how ducks were waterproof. I think I got that for free with another book called Germs Make Me Sick! And, now we're thinking about childhood, I have "I'm Proud to be Me" stuck in my head. Anyway, here's my baby dressed like a duck.

Then and now. We'll see if it fits in another year.

He always tries to de-hat his head, but I got him to wear it for 15 minutes or so.

He fell a lot on his slippery flippers.

This is what I see most of the time now. I realized early this week that we are in the last days of my being able to finish things before he reaches me. I used to see him coming and have time to toss the rest of the blocks in the box. Now he's pulling them back out before I'm done.

He won't let us read to him, but he'll walk around carrying his books, even half naked and dressed like a duck.

 Otherwise, this is what we did this morning. He spilled and put away and then spilled pistachio shells. A baby in fuzzy pajamas is like a real-live teddy bear.

Other-otherwise, I made a quick i-cord headband to hold ear bud headphones for Joash so we can employ Elmo on trips, something I thought of on our recent train ride to Busan.

There's an opening at the back for cords.

And a pair of eyelets holds the headphones in place.

As I said, he's funny about things on his head, so we've been practicing a little every day. At first he didn't mind.

But then he slid off the bed and gave me his best cry face.

There are real tears in his eyes.

And glad again.


  1. This boy is so cute! The pekin duck is adorable...but that cry face melts my heart with such an odd combination of happiness and sadness.

  2. It does the same exact thing to me. Babies are such fakers, though.

  3. That cry face makes me way proud, as a professional cry-facer.

  4. Katie, that means a lot coming from you. I will pass along your complimenting. He's also quite good at movie quality screamy baby crying. I took a video once. I need to monetize it.