Thursday, June 14, 2012

Between the hours of 1 and 5 last night, I slept, at best, one half hour. Joash reached his apex of teething discomfort and refused to go back to sleep. We did the two hours of gently voiced commands to "go to sleep, it's bedtime." We did the half hour of feeding. We did some more of the other one. We got grumpy and woke up Dan (and, likely, the neighbors). Then finally, Joash crawled himself upside down in our bed and fell asleep. Today was an incredibly long day, during which the baby enjoyed himself for less than 20 minutes. His preferred method of comfort was being held from a standing position. All by the magical misery of teething.

I am too tired to care about the laundry mess, the toy mess, the puffed cereal mess, or the dish mess. I barely even care about writing this blog but that I have pictures my parents haven't seen. Also, I ate a lot of brownies today.

 Eating and loving Korean melon. Wearing the bandanna bib that Quinn (and Korrine) got him.

Big dude with a sippy cup.

Pulling down Korrine's laundry.
These two ladies visited us for a week, and it was lovely, and now it's over, and the world is ending, but I think it's mostly coincidence.
We went for a picnic on the roof, and Joash had another melon. Seeds all over the place. They are edible, though, much like the white seeds of a watermelon but much smaller.


We got Chinese delivered up from the second floor. The perks to this building are bottomless.

During happier days.

We saw and heard some airplanes.
And Joash ended the picnic with a seed up his nose and acting all doofy like that old dog, Tater.
Then there was this failure of infant participation.

Some Low-Res pictures:

Maya came to visit, and I stole some of her pictures.

Joash wore some new shoes.

And he guzzled some medicine because he is always in pain now. Awesome. Cool, so please pretend this was less grumpy than it was. Thanks.

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