Thursday, April 26, 2012

Florida Pictures

We're spending Sunday afternoon in a Taco Bell. We're on the other side of town for church and we have to be here for dinner, so we're occupying ourselves. So, now I have time to start the compulsory photo purge. I can't guarantee anything poignant by way of commentary since there is always an infant on the verge of hands-on attention. Pretty much there are so many pictures that this post will break your internet. That may or may not be worth it to you.

Dan says goodbye to Dahun-Jin and Mr. Park.

On our way to the airport. Joash maybe expressing some transportational concern..

Korea on top, America below.

Juggling airplane holding duties.

The San Francisco Airport had a display about televisions. We didn't look at it, but we did collect this photo op.

Layover layabout.

Also at the San Francisco Airport, there was a tiny kid's section with this slide in the bright, bright California sun.

Bjorn and baby.

This meeting bears repeating.

My Chick-Fil-A babies. Spicy.

One of Joah's first American friends, Linc.

Linc let Joash borrow his swing, on the left. On the right, Joash starts to get used to all the American baby entanglements. His first experience with this car seat was a three hour introduction (the ride from Orlando International to Punta Gorda), the first hour of which he met with hysterical crying.

We made sure to do our daily visits to see Grandma at work, followed by our daily lunches with Grandpa at his usual spot, the little local airport's restaurant. My dad is pretty much a legend at that place. Say I'm wrong.

Of course we let Joah have a lick of Sonny's sweet tea.

Joash meeting cousin Banyan, really my cousin Heidi's son, but I don't know how to render the removals.

Who knew Dan was such a wordie. Word worm? Well, anyhow, he and Banyan bonded over Banyan's new favorite book.

Dan and Heidi's daughter Willow. We have pictures and memories of Dan and Willow from her babyhood, so this is sweet.

Our first of several park visits. This is one of those astronaut/aquarium windows.

I'm pretty sure Joash convinced Heidi to have another baby, which is funny since Heidi's first birth experience served to discourage me from procreating for a good while. I fainted.

I don't know if it's cause he's mine or if it's true, but Joash seems like such an expressive babe. We can almost always capture his full range of emotions. Here he is the picture of the path to acceptance.

A boy and his dad never gets old.

First slide.

Heidi's kids are playground heroes. They live without fear.

Willow demonstrates her jumping talents.

Hiding out.

Prodigious rock climber.

Sleepiness sent him backwards regarding his approval of the swing.

And then he let Heidi walk him to sleep.

Birth order.

First drinks of water.

We really miss Grandma Hernley's baby whispering abilities. Mom, come put my baby to sleep. Thanks.

His first grandparents. But not his last.

Grandpa time is always prime time. Grandpas get the sweet, smiley babies, as well they should. Joash liked to engage in NASCAR Sundays with my dad.

Telling Grandpa about it.

Our second park. Banyan is almost always pre or post bust-up. In this case, my mom felt responsible and had a swinging cuddle.

Dads and sons and slides.

Second slide.

My mom getting knocked around.

I like how his face stays exactly the same.

Covert ops. My mom entertains Banyan and Willow while the other adults hide out from the extreme wind.

Florida trees.

We all went for photos at a nearby Banyan tree. Pretty fancy.

Handsome Dansome.

Joash seems overwhelmed or disinterested.

Stealing our kisses.

Holding my boy.

Group picture with my mom and Willow.

Acquiring new skills.

My parents have a seldom used whirlpool bath, so we took Joash swimming. He tried to catch the water.

We did great Florida tourist things. While in the south west, we went to an island, Boca Grande.

Heidi took this extra sweet picture of Joash and me.

Dan's take on island living.

Dan's take on island camouflage, a planked lizard and fossilizing fish on the beach.

We went to watch the sunset. Here it was well on its way.

My mother had the good sense to build for Joash a little beach experience booth so he could meet the beach in miniature.

He obviously enjoyed himself.

Dusky beach bums.

The catalyst for his first sandy poop. It happens.

Such Floridian colors.

Being cool and trying too hard to be cool.

Dan, an avid swimmer, trying to introduce it to his son. Joash expressed his hatred of the too-cold water with shrieks that carried on to his beach side shower.

Heidi didn't mind his sandy snuggles. Willow made herself a mermaid, though none of our cameras captured it effectively.

The lighthouse doing its job on our way out.

Our little nudist in the walker that ruined stationary activity for him. And for us. He hasn't stopped demanding a walking escort since.

The Dollar General next to my parents' body shop had some cute enough onesies. we got the "Bald is Beautiful" one to honor my dad.

We went to my brother's very climate controlled apartment to play Puerto Rico.

Joash was on my mom's team.

Speaking of my brother, here he is holding our baby. This is a little bit miraculous, hence the secrecy.

Trying to recreate tractor pictures from my childhood.

Getting work done.

I liked my dad's face here. He is letting Joash steer.

Pretending he's alone.

Catching him. He wanted to shift gears or something.

He's a natural farmer.

He really seemed to love it. Other kids have those little trucks they ride around. My kid gets a tractor.

Showing off the John Deere shirt from his Grandma Jean.

We did even more Florida stuff, like riding on a boat.

My cousin Denny's daughter Betty Lou was eager for acceleration.

Manatee zone. Manatees make me laugh.

Nautical husband.

Sunset on the swamp.

Our last morning with my parents. We were getting ready to head up to Universal for Dan's birthday (and for butterbeer).

We only took in the iPod, so we have gimmickly edited pictures from Universal. We had our baby all covered in sunscreen and a serendipitously free hat.

Family in the sun.

Grandma getting her holds in.

Waiting to ride the carousel.

Still waiting for it. Man, there are no little little kid rides in America. In Korea, they'll let you risk the kiddie rides.

In front of the castle making stupid faces.

On vacation at Hogwarts.

Lines in Gryffindor colors. There were lines to get into the shops because we accidentally went during spring break. We waited for butterbeer (at least an hour) but not for shopping opportunities.

A little wizard.

Me and my mom.

Dan got the sleeping baby for a while.



While we were in Orlando, we stayed a night at Harding Manor. Some of our college friends rent this amazing condo together and practice excellent hospitality.

Oscar even let Joash play with some of his toys.

Joash's favorite toy, though, was Tom's beard.

And now for Random Florida Low-Res Corner:

Drooly boy finally got teeth in America.

This contraption started his obsession with walking. I hope it soon culminates his ability to walk on his own because I'm pretty sure practicing is interrupting his nighttime sleep.

Taco Bell baby. He's had Taco Bell at least once a week his entire life.

I think he looks so different here.

Tag blanket on his head. Babies love tags and someone found a way to capitalize on that.

So, I finished this blog at home, and I'll post it the next time I shell out for coffee/internet. We're still fighting the good fight trying to get the internet. At first we had to wait for our alien cards, but we've since received them in the mail, which secured for us cell phones, but now they want more proof that we're married so we can get some sort of internet discount, so we'll have to wait until we get health insurance together and whatever other weird, ritualistic hoops they can think to toss us through. I miss the internet. I am basically living in a different century.


  1. Lovely photos, as always :) I'm proud to say I read and enjoyed this entire post.

    Life without the internet is only ever worth living if you're in the past at a time when no one else has the internet. It's simply unacceptable now. I weep for you.

  2. I loved this post and all the pictures! You guys are pretty awesome. Also, welcome to less than a year until you're 30 world :)

  3. Does this chart help?

  4. I love that the number of photos in your posts have the propensity to break the Internet ... It almost feels like retaliation. If you can't have, nobody should! :)

  5. You are exactly right Oscar!