Monday, March 26, 2012

TIPS (Thoughtful Interjections, Postulations, Syllogisms)

Parenting TIP: Let's all just try to make different mistakes than our parents made and not feel guilty about them.

Cloth Diapering TIP: Barf bags, you guys. They are the perfect individual-size wet bag. I can't wait to fly back to Korea, so I can collect four more.

These are the things I have learned during my stint as an American-style parent. It's been surprisingly different from parenting in Korea, but maybe it's just different from city parenting. I feel like there's so much less hands-on time with the babe and not just because other people are holding him, but, like, all the car seat, high chair, walker/saucer toys time. And he's such a different kid already, sturdier and more independent. It cheers and aches at the same time. But every day I am just so impressed that God makes these sweetest little things and glad he calls them ours.

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