Sunday, March 27, 2011

Dan's Birthday Dinner at Greek Joy.

Dan's been 27 for weeks now, and I keep forgetting to put up his birthday pictures. We went out for Greek food at Greek Joy in Hongdae. The owner goes to Greece regularly, makes his own feta cheese (and refuses to substitute with store-bought), tailored my meal to be dairy-free, and gave the three pregnant ladies present extra portions. What a dude! Our 4 course meal included a salad, pastitsio, souvlaki and rice, and gyros. If you live in or near Hongdae, you should obviously go there. It's across from the playground.

Dan with Il Kwon and Johnny.

Heather and Maya.

Korrine with her long, luscious Beyonce hair, Sophia, and Teresa.

Me and Korrine. Thanks to Sophia who kept jumping up to take pictures from the other side of the table.

Because Maya is a PB Girl (she works at Paris Baguette), she brought Dan a birthday cake. It was Sweet Potato and Green Tea flavor. Oh, wow.

Posing with the lighted cake.

Dan preparing to make a wish.

Oops. Maybe these candles were meant to be extinguished with more immediacy.

Dan received two non-Chanel gifts wrapped in Chanel packaging.

I am the ultimate present.

Me doing a baby shower pose with one of Dan's gifts: baby booties.

Maya with a fork, successfully making the scariest face in recorded human history.

A cross-section of the cake. A layer of sweet potato mash sandwiched between two layers of green tea cake. Whipped cream and sliced sweet potatoes for edible adornment.

Johnny made an effort to like it. The general consensus was that one or the other layer was good, but that maybe the two shouldn't meet in your mouth.


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