Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Weekend 14 of 52.


We, with Korrine and Dave, spent the whole of our Saturday traveling to and enjoying Everland, a Kings Island style theme park. And we enjoyed it, but I can't think of any special anecdotes to share, so I will just share the pictures.

This is actually from last Wednesday, which was a holiday, Election Day, so we went over to Itaewon to have Indian food.

No shortage of hookah pipes.

And then Dan had Dunkin Donuts for dessert. They have an array of "cool" summer doughnuts shaped and flavored like fruit. Dan tried banana.

So, here we are at Everland's entrance. Our ticket taker was in her flora formals.

For Foreign Guest.

Entrance to the shops at the front of the park.

Trying on hats.

Trying on glasses.

Dancing hologram.

Weeny Beeny, like Jelly Bellies, only weenier and beenier. The shop on the right Dan and I misread as "Home Girl", so we were disappointed to find that really it was something as unremarkable as "Home Gifts".

It was fun to note the Korean versions of various Disney-like theme park hallmarks. Here, the standard tree of life type installation. We also saw a Jiminy Cricket running around with a Gepetto and a ride we presumed to be very much like "It's a Small World", described in the map as follows: Take a journey to the world in a small boat! An exhibition of dolls dressed in folk clothes from around the world welcome you with songs.

Dan posing in front of the dancing, sort of animatronic dog.

Real buildings set in front of a fake backdrop.

This is the Human Sky. The map showed a Human Sky Snacks station. That smacks of cannibalism.

Our first ride was the Double Rock Spin with its promised electronic music and threatened "attackeu". It was kind of intense for a first ride, but thrilling nonetheless.

The park was split into geographical sections. NY Central Snacks was in the America section.

We came back around later for the Rolling X-Train to try and gamble for a shorter wait time.

Foreigner-filled marching band.

The extensive T-Express.

Korrine making her own photo zone.

The steepest wooden roller coaster in the universe!

Grindelwald was there, but we weren't afraid, because we paid attention to our safety conductor.

On the train. Photo by Korrine.

Just one red tree.

We got a plate of meat for lunch from the Holland Village. Dan ate his ribs with gloved hands. "Wow! There is so much to eat here!"

The Magician of Spring Pavilion at the end of the parade route.

At the Mystery Mansion, getting ready to laser hidden ghosts.

After the Rotating House, we couldn't be sure which way was up.

On the Amazon Express, outfitted with water aprons.


Also bibbed. Photo by Korrine.

Outside the Amazon Express making mask faces.

In the queue for Safari World, Dan tried to make contact with this monkey.

Dan also pretended to buy ice cream.

In our tiger bus watching tigers.

It was straight up Jurassic Park all up in that piece.

I think the zebra was lonely, he just stood and stared.

White tiger walking by our bus. And then there were bears. They seem glad.

Our bus driver opened his window and started chucking biscuits at the bears. This guy stood up and walked over without reserve, going so far as to grip the window frame. Then we drove away, because we know what's good for us.

Hanging out with fake animals.

The Everland map provides Recommended Courses. There's a Thriller Course, an Animal Course. I'm pretty sure this photo-op is on the Lover Course. Korea: It's for Lovers.

This house was neither spooky nor fun. We walked through in the dark pushing buttons that made noises happen and other buttons that lighted up mooning ghosts or stinky socks. So scary!

Closed Ferris Wheel.

Star-Lite Drive-In is a real drive-in theater in Bethel, Ohio. And we've been there!

Theme park in the mountains.

This picture sucks, but I didn't get a second chance to fix that. In the arcade, these boy scouts were very impressed with Dan's gun skills.

I don't know why, but the Christopher Columbus ride kept making me laugh.

Ferris wheel in the mountains.

I think this was called the Fairy Room. Something like that, pretending to be awesome and magical but proving to be a stale-aired room full of fake flowers to pose your children on.

Probably also on the Lover Course.

Everland sign and Dan wearing a house!

Korrine got a better shot of Dan's house wear.

Here are some words that made me laugh throughout the day: 1. How's it feel to look at my back?
2. Baby in Car (instead of Baby on Board) 3. Jet wind 4. Being under the influence of the fear of heights

So, we had to take a tour bus from Sinchon to Everland, about an hour's journey. We had to catch it at the end of the day, at 6:30. We got to the bus lot 10 minutes early and then we waited forever and ever, probably an hour. We did hear the bus driver make an apology, though, and he more than made up for it by turning on the party lights.


Apartment buildings.

City feeling like home.


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